OnePlus 6T

OnePlus has released Android 10 for OnePlus 6 and 6T. But there is a problem

Despite the fact that devices based on old versions of the operating system still prevail in the Android smartphone market, the flagships of current generations still receive updates. Yes, this is not happening as fast as users would like, but it’s not Google that blames everything, for its part, it provides timely updates sources, but manufacturers that delay their adaptation. However, thanks to vendors such as OnePlus, it becomes clear that updating the update does not have to take half a year.

Last weekend, OnePlus completed the beta program of OxygenOS 10 based on Android 10 and released the final version of the firmware for everyone. The company updates smartphones in batches, allowing it to be installed on a certain number of devices, after which it takes a short break. For this reason, the update may not be available for download by air in some countries. Nevertheless, its distribution has already begun, which means that all owners of last year’s OnePlus flagships will be able to evaluate the benefits of Android 10.

 What’s New in OxygenOS 10

  • The design of the firmware interface has been changed;
  • Added advanced settings for monitoring geolocation services;
  • Added new interface control gestures;
  • The Game Space function has been added, combining frequently launched games in one place;
  • Added spam blocking function in Messages;
  • Added support for a system-wide night theme.

It’s amazing that OnePlus was so quick to optimize Android 10 for OnePlus 6 and 6T. Even at the presentation of OnePlus 7T, company representatives promised that they would release an update for last year’s flagships in November. However, due to the fact that the event did not announce the exact dates, many decided that the update would be released closer to the end of the month, as is usually the case. Nevertheless, the update is already here and everyone can download it.

Why there is no Android 10 for OnePlus 6

You are probably wondering why in the text only the link to download OxygenOS 10 for OnePlus 6T is given, but not for OnePlus 6. The fact is that during the update distribution process it turned out that the developers made several errors in the updated version of the firmware, due to why on the original “six” the fingerprint scanner stopped working. Therefore, OnePlus made an emergency decision to revoke the update, banning its further installation. It turns out that if you downloaded the update or installation file from file hosting, but haven’t installed it yet, it’s better not to do this, but wait for the stable assembly with corrections to be released.

Practice shows that OnePlus often has certain problems with updates. For example, OxygenOS 9 firmware based on Android 9 Pie contained a bug that allowed applications to restart vulnerable smartphones at will. Thus, they could enter the device into an endless reboot cycle, which could be stopped only by activating the safe mode, which deactivates the operation of all applications. OnePlus fixed this defect in Android 10, while refusing to update devices that are incompatible with the current version of the OS.