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Huawei announced when it releases HarmonyOS for smartphones

Despite the fact that recently we often write about Huawei, about HarmonyOS everyone managed to forget a little. Well, this is not unusual, because the operating system, apparently, is at an early stage of development, which means it will be ready at best in 2-3 years, as expected from the very beginning. However, Huawei itself is not very happy with this situation, because the further it delays the launch of its own platform, the more it loses and harms its development. That is why the company decided to accelerate the pace of development of HarmonyOS in order to release it as soon as possible.

HarmonyOS for smartphones will officially launch in the next 6-9 months. This statement was made by Vice President of Huawei Vincent Pang in an interview with Business Insider. This is significantly less than the period that the company stated before. Then representatives of Huawei said that in its current form, HarmonyOS is not designed to work on smartphones, and therefore requires a fair amount of processing, which can take several years. However, the company still had a reason to accelerate.

Why is HarmonyOS coming out so soon

According to Pang, Huawei cannot wait as long as originally stated. The company has already released one flagship product, which is forced to exist as if between two worlds. On the one hand, it runs on Android and seems to be no different from other devices, but on the other hand, it does not have access to Google services, and Huawei’s own services do not work on it the way the company’s developers would like. Because of this, the device came out very compromise.

Of course, in this case we are talking about the Huawei Mate 30. Huawei introduced the new product a couple of months ago at a presentation in Beijing, but never released it for international sale, selling it only in a limited number of countries. The reason for this was the lack of Google services and the ability to access Google Play. And since Huawei’s own application catalog – AppGallery – does not have a wide range, launching the Huawei Mate 30 in Europe would be reckless, because users would definitely feel the difference.

Will HarmonyOS replace Android

If Huawei really succeeds in launching HarmonyOS at least until the end of next year, it is not very clear what the company will do with work permits with American enterprises that the United States plans to issue to it. Indeed, in this case, Huawei will have the opportunity to again cooperate with Google and, as a result, install on their smartphones a full version of Android, equipped with a full range of services of the search giant. However, Pang tried to divert the conversation away from this topic.

When asked what Huawei will do with Android, Pang replied that HarmonyOS is not a replacement for Android. HarmonyOS is the next level of Android, he said. What this may mean is not yet clear. In the end, if Huawei is not going to replace the Google OS with its own, then what is the point of releasing it at all, especially in such a short time, obviously, throwing enormous resources into development. However, it is likely that Huawei will simply begin to ship smartphones with two platforms at once, giving users the opportunity to switch between them depending on the scenario.