Google accidentally released secret Android update

Android updates are a complex and controversial topic. They say that they exist, but the vast majority of users have never come across them. Where does this information come from, ask? And you look at Google’s quarterly report on the distribution of different versions of Android, where it is clearly visible that the share of Android 10 does not even reach 10%. Nevertheless, there are definitely devices that, unlike everyone else, are updated regularly and on an ongoing basis. Of course, we are talking about the owners of Google Pixel smartphones, which sometimes even get closed assemblies that are not intended for the eyes of ordinary users.

On the night of October 31 to November 1, Google accidentally released an Android update for Google Pixel smartphones, designed for closed testing within the company. The company itself calls the released patch “an update for confidential use,” as described in its description. In addition, Google asks those users who received it not to tell outsiders about it. This gives reason to think that the release of the update, although it was authorized, was most likely intended exclusively for developers.

Android secret update

“Only for confidential use: this is the November security update for Android 10, which is intended only for Google. It aims to fix existing vulnerabilities and shortcomings. You can continue to use your smartphone in normal mode, but do not discuss or comment on the update in conversations with outsiders, ”the description of the update says.

If you become one of those who received an update with a similar description, do not try to roll back and do not take any action at all. Most likely, Google will either try to revoke the update itself, or release a patch patch that will change the build number so as not to remind you of its error. Well, if the November update has not reached you yet, be patient – it will be released on November 4-5.

Android Security Updates

This is not the first time Google has released an Android security update ahead of schedule. At the end of June, the company accidentally opened access to the July update to a limited audience of users who received it a few weeks earlier. Despite the fact that many did not pay attention to it, people in the subject immediately suspected that Google was designing updates for several months to fix vulnerabilities and bugs in the operating system, and then simply released them when the time came, instead of eliminating everything mistakes right away.

You can call me a dissident and other unflattering words, but in my opinion, Google’s security updates are one of the biggest cheats in history. Personally, it’s very difficult for me to believe that there are so many imperfections in Android that developers each month find 20-30 vulnerabilities that they regularly fix. True, it is not very clear where all these vulnerabilities can come from, if Android is updated only once a year and does not receive intermediate updates, which in theory could violate OS security.