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Bill Gates told why Android defeated Windows Mobile

History does not tolerate the subjunctive mood, therefore it is impossible to change the past. Despite this, there are those who are very fond of speculating about what would happen if they would have acted in one way or another. This is mainly what dreamers think who have not been able to find their calling, and they begin to delve into themselves. However, even those who have everything turned out more than perfectly, sometimes also hit into reflection. A living example is Bill Gates, who suddenly thought that Microsoft could defeat Android in the market of mobile operating systems, if not for one “but”.

According to Gates, Windows Mobile could become the main mobile platform, preventing the rapid development of Android, if not for the antitrust proceedings that the US Department of Justice initiated against Microsoft in the late 90s. The reason for this was the preinstallation of Internet Explorer in Windows. Following a trial that lasted several years, Microsoft was found guilty of creating a monopoly and ordered it to split into two companies. Subsequently, the decision made by the court was canceled, but these ups and downs greatly impeded its development.

Why Windows Mobile Failed

“Without a doubt, the antitrust litigation played a trick on Microsoft, becoming a distraction. If not for it, we could have focused more thoroughly on creating an operating system for smartphones, and instead of Android you would all use Windows Mobile. If it weren’t for the antitrust litigation … we were so close, but it was not corny to me before that. I screwed up because I was distracted, ”Gates said.

According to him, Microsoft had a ready-made plan to conquer the market. The company planned to start preinstalling Windows Mobile on Motorola smartphones. However, Gates laments, they are three months late. It is not very clear what exactly the entrepreneur was talking about, recalling plans for cooperation with Motorola. Perhaps he was referring to the Motorola Droid, the first Android smartphone of the brand, which was released in 2009. By that time, Google’s proprietary OS was already having some popularity, but then there was no talk of world domination.

Windows Mobile or Android

It would be hard to say if Microsoft could retain the mobile device market, if it had made the proper efforts to develop Windows Mobile. She definitely had chances for success and, I must say, not bad. The fact is that Windows Mobile was then one of the most popular smartphone platforms along with Symbian. However, both Microsoft and Nokia, which owned Symbian, took a different development path than that chosen by Apple and Google, and therefore quickly lost their share, ceasing to be popular.

However, now the Microsoft leadership considers Android the best choice for a smartphone. That is why this year the company released a smartphone Sufrace Duo with two screens based on the operating system from Google. According to Panos Panay, head of Microsoft Devices, Microsoft has long tried to win at least a small share of the smartphone market, but all of its attempts to develop its own platform have been unsuccessful. And if so, the company decided, then what’s the point of spending money on maintaining a dead Windows Mobile project, if you can turn to a ready-made solution.